Creative project for October 1st

Supplies needed:

  • wooden plaque from hobbycraft (Size: 22.9 x 30.5cm - 9 x 12 inches)
  • or wood cut to size from B&Q (or other hardware store)
  • wood stain (e.g. grey or walnut) or slightly watered down acrylic paint (to imitate stain)*
  • 2-5 mm acrylic pen in white (e.g. this one from Posca)
  • some white chalk and a pencil to transfer my template
  • Felt sheets in different colours (1-2 greens, and 3-4 flower colours that go well together) Get sheets of wool blend felt here on etsy for example or in other craft stores. 1 sheet per color, and 2 sheets for one main flower color, should be sufficient.
  • if you want to hang up your plaque, you'll also need some thumbtacks and twine
  • templates. Since it wouldn't be right just to copy the sign that I found on pinterest, I am currently on creating my own templates for this workshop. I'll let you know where to get them when I'm finished.
  • glue gun

Please note:

* IMPORTANT: I like to stain my wood so it has a nice colour but still showa the wood grain. This step needs to be done the day before our workshop though, so the surface is dry for the workshop (I'll create a video and post it in the facebook group about how to stain the wood best). You don't have to stain your wood though! you can also leave the wood as it is, but you will need a 2-5 mm black acrylic pen instead of the white one then to write your text (and you won't need the chalk for transferring).

- Thank you so much Grace for helping me find the materials in the UK!

Inspirationphoto found on Pinterest (link in picture)

Sketches for my version of the Plaque

-> Since it wouldn't be right just to copy the sign that I found on pinterest, I created my own templates for this workshop. There will be these 3 Styles to choose from.