Who is it for? How does it work?

Hi, my name is Ruth. I live in Germany and am part of a very small ward in Germany with even less creative sisters. I long to create fun crafts based on our faith... but not by myself. I am looking for women who want to join in and are ready to get creative with me over the internet using zoom, so we can see each other and feel connected.

The idea is: I plan a project (let me know if you have some fun ideas as well) and put up a list of all the supplies needed. You get the supplies ( you might also already have many of the materials needed at home), and then I'll walk you through the project while we create together.

Pleas sign up for the newsletter so you will be notified about new projects (they'll happen once a month), and get the list for all the supplies needed. Thanks so much. Feel free to invite a friend that would enjoy the group as well.

Planned Projects

October 1st

For our first project we are creating a plaque with the hand lettered text "I am a child of God", and we will decorate it with some felt flowers, which we'll make from scratch.

-Inspirationphoto taken from Pinterest (link in photo)

November project

A simple project, but what a great idea! For this project we will be gathering a lot of favourite scriptures from all paricipants, so start looking for scriptures and send them my way

-Inspirationphoto taken from Pinterest (link in photo)

December project

For December we want to create this little nativity decoration. A supplies list will be up mid November. Sign up for the newsletter to get all the information.

-Inspirationphoto taken from Pinterest (link in photo)

Please note:

Since it wouldn't be right just to copy the products that I found on pinterest, I will be creating my own version of the lettering for these workshops. 
As soon as I have more information an the projects I will send out an e-mail to all on my email list. So sign up if you haven't yet :)